Your Instructor: Kelly Franco

Kelly’s love of all things theater began in an opera chorus at age eight and continued on through high school and college. She has passed that love down to her three kids, all Rooted Tree alums, and loves to help out with singing and costuming with each production. For the last five years, she has been teaching pre-K where she encourages her students to love all types of art and music and to put on a spectacular show!

The Details

Who are we serving: This workshop is for students between 4-6 years old

What they’ll be doing: Classes are divided into three, two-week instruction periods. The first week we read the story for the show. We learn the music and choreography. In the second week your child will review the music and choreography, they’ll interact with props, maybe even create one or two, and then share with parents at the end of week two. We’ll do this for each show. 

When: The workshops begin on Saturday, April 13th-May 18th Time is from 10am-11:15am

Where: The workshops will be held at our location at St. Peter’s at 654 N. Easton Road.  

How Much: The price is $199