Summer Theater Camp

Hello and Welcome to Rooted Tree Productions! Below is a helpful guide to our summer camp program.

Health and Safety Guidelines:

Our full health and safety plan is posted on our webpage. The detailed plan lays out the CDC COVID- 19 requirements for summer camps as well as the specific accommodations that Rooted Tree Productions has made in order to adhere to those guidelines. Please read through the document carefully. The emphasis of every aspect of camp is to prioritize the health and safety of our cast members and staff.

Two key accommodations that we have made with everyone’s health and safety in mind have required us to modify our performances and our vocal instructions.


Each cast will perform their show during the final days of camp. We will not be able to provide a live audience experience this summer. The productions will be recorded and will be aired online during our scheduled performance dates. This will make the last day of camp a FULL day for all cast members. A vocal track will be used to produce the show.

Vocals: Cast Members will not be singing at camp during the day. The emphasis of the daily instruction will be on the growth of the individuals acting and dancing skills. Students will have an opportunity to record their vocals at home and submit individual videos. These auxiliary videos will be added to our final digital showcase of camp. During our daily lessons and during our performances the students will pantomime the lyrics.

Auditions and Casting

Rooted Tree Summer Theater Camp produces two junior-version Broadway shows during each camp session. This year our productions include The Wizard of OZ and Aladdin! Every camper will be cast in the show.

The first day of camp is a dynamic exploration of the show. Each Camper will receive a personal copy of the script. Campers along with their Theater Coach will dive into the plot and characters of the show. Students will learn an ensemble dance routine. Audition pieces will be reviewed, and mock auditions will take place.

On the second day of camp, auditions will be held. The audition environment is an encouraging one. Each camper will engage in an individual acting audition and a group dance audition. These auditions are designed to build each camper’s confidence. Rooted Tree productions is committed to meeting each child where they are and nurturing their growth as an actor and as an individual.

The Rooted Tree Camp Experience

Each day cast members will rotate through a series of instructional lessons that are designed to develop their theatrical skills and an appreciation of the arts. Students will move throughout the day with their primary instructor within their cohort. Social distances measures will be observed at all times. The use of poly-spots (9” colored spacing dots) will help campers stay six feet apart during all instructional activities.

Morning Cast Meeting Cohorts along with their theater coach will greet one another in their primary classroom. The Theater Coach and cast members will discuss the goals and objectives of the day. Daily reminders about our health and safety plans will be reviewed. Improv based activities will provide a way for each camper to share their humor with one another in a safe and encouraging environment.

Each Cohort will then move through the following aspects of the camp on different rotation cycles.

  • Dance Warm UP 
  • Theater Circles 
  • Art Lesson /Craft
  •  Lunch and Fresh Air
  •  Prop Creation
  •  Choreography for the Show
  •  Blocking of the Show
  •  Outdoor Activities

  Drop off Information

  • Theater Camp begins at 9:00 am and ends promptly at 3:00 pm each day.
  • Drop off and pick up will be outside the building.
  • Our staff will greet you outside when you arrive and when you come to pick up your child.
  • Each camper’s temperature will be taken prior to the parent’s departure. Anyone with a fever will not be permitted to attend camp that day.
  • We ask parents not to enter the building.

Safety Measures and Health Screening

  • We will take the temperature of all Rooted Tree Summer Theater Coaches each day. 
  • We will take the temperatures of campers prior to entry each day.
  • Anyone with a fever will not be permitted to attend camp that day.
  • Rooted Tree Theater Coaches are required to wear masks while inside and while outside if social distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Campers will not be required to wear masks.

  What to Wear

  • Closed-toe Shoes
  • Comfortable clothing that allows for full-body movement during our dance sessions.
  • Weather appropriate layered clothing. Rooted Tree Theater Camp conducts lessons both indoors and outdoors, the building is air conditioned.

What to Bring

  • Pack all items in a backpack with your camper’s name.
  • Pack an extra pair of clothing (recommended though not always needed)
  • Lunch
  • Two snacks
  • Two water bottles with your child’s name.
  • Personal bottle of hand sanitizer. We will provide hand sanitizing stations as well.


  • If your child needs to take medication during the day, please bring the medication in the original container with your child’s name on the container.
  • Please complete the medical authorization form included in your camp welcome packet. 
  • All staff and participants must complete the Screening Assessment prior to entering the program.

Rooted Tree Productions ~ Rooted in Community Powered by Theater

We will continue to update these guidelines based on CDC recommendations and state and local directives. Our objective is to provide a dynamic, safe experience to your child. We meet each child where they are and nurture their growth on an individual level. We look forward to your family joining our family here at Rooted Tree. So, bring on the sun, bring on the smiles, bring on summer!